Think Chair (Renewed) | purple

by Steelcase

Smart, simple, adjustable and sustainable. The Think office chair from Steelcase combines intelligence and immeasurable design in one. Smart engineering is apparent in every detail of the Think chair, from the weight-activated seat to the Integrated LiveBack™ System. You'll be comfortable the moment you sit in this chair and stay comfortable no matter how many hours you are seated.

Steel case Think is designed keeping in mind the shift from more traditional seating to a health beneficial seating that helps improve physical, cognitive and social needs to today’s workforce.


Think chair is up to 28% recycled content by weight and up to 95% Recyclable by weight. Think chair is designed by incorporating more recycled content than the previous versions especially the plastic base and back frame made of PA6 glass fiber thereby reducing the carbon emissions in the U.S alone, emission levels reduced are equal to 4.9 million kilometers driven.

This is something that we are very conscious of and when we renew and refurbish our office chairs, we ensure this sustainability continues to be honored.