Headrest For Classic Herman Miller Aeron Chair

by chairorama

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The Herman Miller Aeron Chair features a headrest that provides superior support for your head and neck, allowing you to work in comfort for extended periods of time. The headrest is adjustable and can be moved up and down to suit your individual needs. It also features a unique design that allows it to tilt forward and backward, providing additional support for your head and neck. The headrest is also ergonomically designed to help reduce strain on your neck muscles, as well as helping to reduce fatigue and improve concentration. The headrest also features a breathable mesh fabric that helps keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day. The head rest of Herman Miller Aeron Chair is an optional accessory that can be added to the chair. It provides support for the head and neck when reclining in the chair. The head rest is adjustable and can be moved up and down to accommodate different heights. It is made of a breathable fabric that is designed to reduce pressure points and provide support for the head and neck. The head rest can be adjusted to four different positions for optimal comfort.