Arm Pads for Steelcase Leap V2 chair- Pair

by chairorama

Arm Pads for Steelcase Leap V2 chairs are designed to provide comfort and support to the user. They are made from a soft, durable foam material that is designed to contour to the user's forearm for optimal comfort and support. The pads attach to the chair arms and the adjustable straps provide a secure and adjustable fit. The arm pads are designed to fit Steelcase Leap V2 chairs and are available in black. The pads are easy to clean and maintain, and the material is resistant to scratching and fading.

The soft cushioned armrest cap pads have a design that enhances comfort, relieves pressure on your arm, makes the user feel special, and has great ergonomics that will serve you for many years.  

• Improve comfort and ergonomics for a more comfortable seating experience.

• Reduces pressure points on the arms for improved circulation.

• Increase the range of motion for the arms.

• Help to prevent fatigue and discomfort in the arms and shoulders.

• Increase the lifespan of the chair by providing additional support.