Why You Should Invest in an Ergonomic Chair?

Posted by Pratyoosha Kodali on


We would all agree that modern living comes with a lot of stress. This has propelled the quest to seek ways to reduce stress in every possible way. In this digital age, most people work smart using their mobile phones and laptops. Often, you are seated with your back slightly bent to get you in a position to face your screen directly. Even during leisure hours, you are seated and glued to your mobile phones. This has created the necessity for a good office chair as we are mostly at work all day.

Consequently, the solution to easing the distress and stress from sitting for long hours comes from an ergonomic chair. These chairs are uniquely designed to provide the best support for the body by considering posture, support, health and comfort. Placing a priority on putting the body at ease while working will help sharpen the mind and steady the nerves daily. In this article, cogent reasons are highlighted and supported with proofs on reasons to invest in an ergonomic chair. Without further ado, let’s dig in.

  1. Posture support: After long hours of sitting, you should be worried about your posture. Using regular chairs that lack ergonomics makes you lean forward while working because they do not have the correct back height. The ergonomic chair fixes this problem with its full-length design and support for better posture. This ensures that your posture is enhanced, making you much less prone to bad postures.
  2. Reduced Pain: Office workers have to battle with neck pain and lower back pain from prolonged sitting hours. This pain is usually due to the traditional chair design, which doesn't provide the needed support for an extended period.
  3. Adjustability: Workers are of different shapes and sizes; hence you must invest in furniture with adjustable features. There might be a need to adjust some office chairs' features depending on who occupies the seat from time to time. Ultimately, the goal of any office chair is to keep everybody comfortable and focused while working. Office chairs need to have the flexibility required to meet these needs. 
  4. Enhanced Productivity: Choosing the right office chairs would make a significant impact on your employees' lives. It has been discovered that the use of ergonomic chairs provides comfort and, in turn, productivity.
  5. Reduces Hips Pressure: When sitting, the body weight rests wholly on the hips, increasing the hips pressure. However, this is not the case for offices that use ergonomic chairs. This is because these chairs provide suitable seat depth to support the hips, hence reducing hip pressure.
  6. Long- term Use: Office chairs are designed for long term use so you are assured that you would not be making recurrent purchases. However, if it happens that the chair malfunctions, this can be sorted with the warranty that comes with our purchase.
  7. Fewer Compensation Claims: Most companies fund their worker's medication bills. For companies that leverage the use of ergonomic chairs, health bills arising from body pain is minimal. This way, companies can save more money from the amount set aside for employee's medical insurance and compensation costs.
  8. Office Curb Appeal: Employees are highly motivated and happier in an aesthetically pleasing office. This also affects their productivity and efficiency. An aesthetically appealing office would undoubtedly please customers too, creating room for a better brand reputation. There are many sleek designs that would add beauty to your office, boosting your business in the long run.


Choosing the best ergonomic chairs

There are many ergonomic chair brands on the market. The challenge now is to get the best of them. Here are some features to consider when shopping for ergonomic chairs:

  1. Headrest: The headrest must be adjustable and have soft foam for neck and head support.
  2. Lumbar support: It should have an adjustable lumbar support to maintain the spine's natural posture.
  3. Backrest: The backrest should provide support for the entire spine, which reduces hunched posture.
  4. Armrest: The armrest should be adjustable to allow the user's arms to rest comfortably.
  5. Seat height: The chair mechanism should be built such that it supports adjusting the seat height. The recommended seat height is where the feet rest flat on the floor.
  6. Seat Depth: It should have an adjustable seat depth to accommodate different body sizes and shapes for long term comfort and support.
  7. The base: The base should have the ability to rotate smoothly.

The above features make up the ergonomics of a chair.


We hope this article helps you to see reasons why you should invest in ergonomic chairs. And particularly, how to make the best choice in doing so. At Chairorama, we provide you with the best quality of ergonomic chairs with adjustable headrest, armrest, lumbar support, seat tilt, and height coupled with comfortable seat cushions;  Our products are affordable and can be easily set up. Our renewed chairs  include the Herman Miller, Human scale, Knoll and Steel Case brands. Whether for home or office use, we are just a phone call away from getting you your dream office chairs.