Steelcase Think vs. Haworth Zody

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Sitting for hours on a chair, which comes with some job types, exposes the back and the spine to so much stress, ultimately leading to developing back problems. It is therefore essential to use ergonomic office chairs 

The Steelcase Think chair and the Haworth Zody chair give comfort and support to the users, therefore our center for discussion in this article. Steelcase designed the Think Chair, and the Zody Chair was designed by Haworth are both office chairs and are equally ergonomic. The Think chair and the Zody Chair are entirely designed similarly to give comfort and support to the users, and also have similar features and usage and are unique in their design and beauty. Let's get into the order of the article. 

Steelcase Think Chair 

Steelcase Think chair has a number of features that enable it to stand out amidst other ergonomic chairs and office chairs. The Think chair is intelligently designed to understand how you move while seated and adjusts itself intuitively. So awesome, right? 

The think chair has a combination of great styles and ergonomic chair designs and sensibilities. It adjusts itself intuitively to a range of users to enjoy ergonomic support and comfort as you sit and move. The backrest has several back flexures of different sizes lined from top to bottom; they are designed in such a way to give support to each area of your back. The backrest also has a lumbar in which its height along the backrest can only be adjusted.  

The seat has a slider adjustment in which you could slide it in or out to adjust the depth of the seat; the seat also has a height adjust, which would really cater for a range of users with small and great heights. It has a weight-activated recline tension where users can tilt the backrest; this adjustment can be locked in. The armrest is 4-way adjustable. The height could be increased or lowered, so the depth of the armrest be adjusted to move further away or towards the backrest, it could be adjusted sideways, and the armrest could be pivoted. So amazing, right? 



Haworth Zody Chair 

Moving to the Haworth Zody chair, as said earlier, they have some similarities in the design of the adjustment, but let's get into the details. The Zody chair is quite classy and more appealing to the eye as compared to the Think chair. It has been designed to have much larger support to the body as some ergonomic chairs are quite bigger.  

The armrest is made a little bigger than usual to accommodate users' large arms. The armrest is also 4-way adjustable; the height could be increased or lowered, so even the armrest's depth be adjusted to move further away or towards the backrest, the armrest could be adjusted sideways, and the armrest could be pivoted.  



The lumbar support and adjustment are unique as it allows for a big height range; it has two adjustment knobs that allow for the lumbar to be adjusted at each side of the backrest differently; it alters how much the lumbar pushes in on each side. The seat height can be changed; it could go way high such that it sweeps the feet off the floor, and it could go lower.  

The seat depth could also be adjusted away, and towards the backrest, the seat is well padded for quality and comfort and made of quality materials. It has an adjustment to make it recline freely backward and forward such that the back is at an upright position. There is also an adjustment that would make the seat swing freely for happy hours.   

Comparing and Contrasting 

As you would already see some similarities between the Think Chair and Zody Chair in their adjustments and how they are designed for comfort and support of the body. We can begin to pick out some differences between both chairs as they are both ergonomic chairs and office chairs.  

One significant difference that stands out can be seen in the lumbar design and adjustment of both chairs; In contrast, the Zody chair has a different adjustment for the lumbar. The Think chair has only a single adjustment for the height along. This entirely stands out as the lumbar design is to ensure proper back support. With much adjustment, you could imagine the chills of easiness while users are in a sitting posture.  

Another notable difference is the swinging of the seat with the Zody Chair not sure how that improves posture. The Think chair stands out the most, as it is known to adjust itself intuitively to how users sit and move on the super impressive chair.  


Both chairs are super impressive, as they have features that make them such a good fit for use in work places as office chairs. These chairs are available at Chairorama as refurbished/ renewed ergonomic chairsRenewed chairs are made by innovative repairs and quality improvements. It helps in making quality ergonomic chairs available at low cost. It is more durable as it is upgraded innovatively.