Classification of Office Chairs – A Buying Guide (2021) 

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 An office or working space is not complete without a suitable chair. Office chairs directly affect health, and it influences productivity level. A good office chair will help you retain focus and work for long hours without getting fatigued.

There are different types of chairs you can adapt to your workspace. Each class has specifications that make it suitable for various functions and spaces. Choosing the right chair might appear like an easy task until you attempt to get one. You might face the problem of changing chairs or discomfort if you don't consider the right factors. 

Knowing the types of office chairs that are available is one thing. But picking the most suitable one for you is a different thing entirely. You have to consider several factors, including 

  • The average duration of sitting time in the office 
  • Health conditions 
  • The climate in the country 
  • Your sitting posture 
  • Nature of job
  • Size of the office space 
  • Budget 

Now that you understand the primary factors to keep in mind, you can explore the various chairs available. 

Classification of Office Chairs 

1. Ergonomic Office Chairs 

Ergonomic office chairs are arguably the most common types of office chairs. The designs of this chair are flexible and help to maintain natural sitting positions. They have flexible features that make them adaptable to different types of functions. 


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It has multiple adjustable features, including height, lumbar support, armrest, headrest, tilt tension, and lock. Besides, they also have a stable base and come in various forms. All these features combine to provide comfort and support. They prevent neck, shoulder, or back pain when sitting.           

Who should buy it? 

Ergonomic chairs are adaptable to almost all types of jobs and offices due to their flexible designs. So, anybody can buy an ergonomic chair size that fits their workplaces. But it is especially suitable for those that sit for long hours. It is also ideal for individuals who work with desks of varying height and vulnerable to body pains after sitting. 

2. Executive Office Chairs 

Do you want to have the actual feeling of a boss while sitting? Try integrating an executive chair into your workspace. Most executive office chairs design helps you impose appearance, especially for those at the higher-ups. 

The ergonomic of executive chairs are unique. They often have high-cushioned backs, headrests, and impressive seat cushioning. They also have a thickly padded armrest, spring cushioning, and massaging headrest. Most of these chairs are made from adorable leathers and ageless fine woods. 

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Who Should Buy? 

Executive chairs are primarily designed for executive workspace or offices. It is ideal for executive officers and individuals that prefer classy sitting materials. You can also buy it if you want thick padding in your chairs.

3. Drafting Chairs  

Drafting chairs have unique designs that are adaptable for drafting tables. The chair's ergonomics allows easy transition from standing to sitting positions while working without interrupting the workflow. 

Most drafting chairs usually have heights that make it easy to work with drafting tables. It can come with or without aback. But it undoubtedly provides support for limbs, back, and general body weight. Also, the nature of the chairs' tasks makes them portable, lightweight, and easy to move around. It has a foot ring where you can place your foot for comfort due to the chair's height. 

Who Should Buy? 

Drafting chairs are ideal for those that need to transition from sitting to standing positions while working. You can buy if you are an architect, artist, or similar craftsman. 

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4. Mesh Office Chairs 

Mesh office chairs are quite common in general workspaces. The mesh chair's most distinguishable feature is the backrest, and the backrest is made from net-like fabric. The seat also has proper cushioning for comfort. It also has a waterfall edge to aid proper blood circulation around the limbs. 

The lumbar support enhances backrest and mitigates back pain. There are varieties of manufacturers of mesh chairs, but Aeron is one of the most remarkable manufacturers. Besides the fact that they are the first manufacturer of this kind of chair. They also offer some of the best quality chairs in this category. 

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Who Should Buy? 

Mesh office chairs have excellent breathability. So, you can buy this type of office chair if you tend to sweat a lot. You should also consider this option if you work in a congested workspace or an area with hot climatic conditions. 

5. Big and Tall Office Chairs 

Do you want an office chair to suit your suit macho body? Big and tall chairs are the real deal, as the name suggests. You will enjoy sitting in your workspace regardless of your body size. This chair type has study build-ups that can accommodate body weights up to 1000 pounds. 

This type of chair has wide and high backrests. It has high seats with height adjustment options. The chairs' padding is thick, the seats are wide, and the frame is reinforced. They also come with sturdy armrests and strong bases. 


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Who Should Buy? 

As the name implies, this type of chair is suitable for big and tall people.

6.  Active Sitting Chairs 

The active sitting chair is more recent compared to other types. Its core feature of this chair is the unstable seat. So, it allows flexible movement when you are sitting. The instability of the chair seats forces you to move your core muscles at intervals. It has low backrests and no arm or headrest but has adjustable height options. 

Who Should Buy? 

You can buy this type of chair if you would love to engage your core muscles while working. It is also ideal for those with limited workspaces and those that don't overspend long sitting hours. 

Besides the types listed above, there are still other uncommon types. They all have their unique specifications, features, and uses. Different types of office chairs include;

  • Egg chairs 
  • Conference chairs 
  • Balance ball chairs 
  • Kneeling chairs 
  • Balanced ball chairs 
  • Saddle chairs 
  • Petite and small chairs 


There are different types of chairs for various workspaces. Each kind and product comes with unique features and specifications. It is best to understand your needs and figure out the best chair type that suits you. 

The prices of these chairs vary with their ergonomics and individual manufacturers. You can get new office chairs from reputable brands like Herman Miller, Knoll, Human Scale, and Haworth. But there is no problem if you cannot afford a new one. You can buy refurbished office chairs of these brands from reliable sources like chairorama

Renewed office chairs are affordable without compromising quality. They are upgrades because they use certified parts. The renewing process is done by experts that understand chairs and their ergonomics. Also, these options are environmentally friendly because it uses most parts of the original one.