Herman Miller Setu Chair Review 

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Herman Miller is notable for manufacturing some of the best quality chairs. They have several models and designs of iconic chairs. One of the essential models by this manufacturer is the Herman Miller Setu chair. 

Herman miller products come with remarkable quality, excellent ergonomics, and superb comfort. The Herman Miller Setu Chair is not an exception to these fantastic qualities. Besides the minimal design of this chair, it is stylish and lightweight.

There are a lot of unique and exciting details about the Herman Miller Setu chair. Let’s have a closer look.  


Overview of the Herman Miller Setu Chair 

The Setu chair is one of the most iconic collections of the Herman Miller chairs. It is a collection of modern and stylish office furniture, and it includes office chairs that can serve multi-purpose use, particularly in a collaborative workspace. 

The design of the Setu chair duly considers those that are not rooted to their chair while in the workspace. So, it can work everywhere and anywhere. It is suitable for conference spaces, partnerships, and team projects.  

The Setu Chair is also ideal for home offices. It comes in various colors, and you can get an armless option or one with a fixed arm. It can also have a rolling base or fixed place. This collection leaves you with plenty of options.  

You can always find a model in the Setu collection that will fit your needs in the long term. Now, let’s take a deeper look at Setu chair comfort and ergonomics.  

Is the Herman Miller Setu Chair Comfortable? 

Everyone desires optimal comfort while working in any space. Herman Miller Setu Chair will not deny you this comfort. Besides, most Herman miller models are designed to give users superb comfort.  

The design of the Setu chair offers instant comfort immediately you settle for work. It helps you relax and maintain good body posture while you fix your attention on your work. You don’t have to get distracted with adjusting your chair multiple times.  

One of the primary reasons for the maximum comfort of this chair is its relatively small size and weight. On average, the Setu chair weighs only 17lbs, which is lower than most other models in the same category. Interestingly, this chair weight can hold up to a 300lbs user. This feature indicates that the Setu chair is helpful for a wide range of users.  

However, the armrest of the Setu Chair is either fixed or absent. Either way, it is unlike most other ergonomic chairs with 2D or 3D arm adjusting features. This consideration takes us a step closer to the ergonomics of the Setu chair. 

Herman Miller Setu Chair Ergonomics  

Like most other products from Herman Miller, Setu is an ergonomic chair with great functionality. It is portable, comfortable, and durable. Besides, its design and buildup quality is impressive, which makes the chair useful anywhere and everywhere. 

It is worth mentioning that the Setu chair does not come with loads of adjustable features. It only features height adjustment options. But this does not mean less flexibility for the chair. The ergonomics design of this chair easily adapts to natural body changes.  

The primary feature that influences the Herman Miller Setu chair ergonomics is the kinematic spine and ribbon-style armrest.  

The Kinematic Spine  

The kinematic spine blesses the Herman miller Setu chair with a balanced level of strength and flex. It makes your moving around and position changes during work relatively easier. The kinematic spine helps the chair to respond to these changes with ease.  

The kinematic spine replaces the tension control and reclines lock in other ergonomic chairs. It uses two distinct polypropylenes for proper weight control. The feature also helps with resistant management while reclining.  

The kinematic spine adjusts to your natural position, bends, and flexes as you move. This innate flexibility ensures that you are cushioned and supported at appropriate places each time you change your position. This feature is unique and forms a core of the aesthetic appeal, making it one of the major talking points of the Herman Miller Setu chair.  

Other exceptional benefits of the kinematic spine and other features of the Herman Miller Setu chair include; 

  • It keeps everything about the chair active, ergonomic, and light 
  • This feature negates the need for the manual adjustment of the chairs because it supports and controls resistance during recline  
  • It prevents the loss of stability while moving the chair around 
  • It works pretty well on all types of floors, including hard floors  

Ribbon Style Armrest  

Another striking feature of the Herman Miller Setu Chair is the ribbon-style armrest. It is worth a look because of its uniqueness, and it matches the multi-purpose use of the chair. But the armrest is fixed. So, you cannot move it left and right.  

The ribbon-style is from the twist model of the armrest. The armrest and its twist begin at the backrest and end at the base of the seat. This design is funky and makes the chair unique and outstanding.  

Herman Miller Setu Chair Price  

The relatively high cost of Herman miller chairs does not exempt the Setu chair. But one thing is sure; you will get a high value for your money. They offer superb ergonomics, impressive comfort, and excellent construction.  

However, buying a renewed or refurbished chair restored carefully to mirror Herman miller’s original aesthetic and ergonomic design principles. Aside from the lower cost of renewed chairs, they are also environmentally friendly.  

So, you can get a standard chair at lower costs. All you need to do is make sure that you get your products from reputable refurbishing companies like Chairorama. The source 100% authentic replacement parts from the manufacturer. 

Final Thought

The Herman Miller Setu Chair is a perfect option for any workspace. It is a modern, comfortable, and lightweight chair with superb ergonomics. It is suitable for the collaborative work environment as you can quickly move it around. The two principal features are the kinematic spine and ribbon armrest.  

You can buy a new Herman Miller Setu chair directly from the manufacturer or get a refurbished chair from a reputable source. Either way, you are sure of getting a chair that can meet your office needs in the long term.