Herman Miller Classic Aeron Vs. Herman Miller Remastered Aeron 

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Herman Miller is one of the most reputable chair-making brands. They offer several high-quality options that suit varieties of needs. Aeron chair is one of the most versatile products by Herman miller. It was first designed in 1994 and went on to become one of America’s best-selling chairs during dot.com boom. 

Brief Overview  

Herman Miller Classic Aeron and Herman Miller Remastered Aeron are both impressive chair options. Remastered Aeron became an anointed successor for classic Aeron, Remastered Aeron was released in 2017, classic Aeron was discontinued the same year. Aeron chairs offer great flexibility, durability, and ergonomics. They are cost-effective and are environmentally friendly.  Though Classic Aeron was discontinued by manufacturer, it is not the end of it yet, you can purchase the discontinued Classic Aeron version from reputable office chair renewing experts. 

Aeron was first introduced in 1994 and they spend few years making beneficial adjustments to their products. They improved on existing qualities. This review makes a comparative evaluation of their features, specifications, and other essential considerations.  

Classic Aeron VsRemastered Aeron: Features  

Classic Aeron and Remastered Aeron both have impressive featuresBelow are some of the unique features of Classic Aeron and Remastered Aeron.  

Features of Herman Miller Classic Aeron 

Classic Aeron has a lot of impressive features that make it a desirable product. It will provide impressive lumbar support, ultimate comfort, and flexibility. Here are some of the key features of Classic Aeron.  

Great Arm Styles  

The arm is one of the key features and considerations of any chair. It enhances comfort and provides support while at work. The non-adjustable arms of this chair are stationary. It also includes Classic Clip Latch Arm, which can move up and down, outer, and inner angles to enhance flexibility. Another style for this product is the Thumb Wheel roller arms that can pivot up and down, outer, and inner angles. 

Overall, the arm styles of this model are easily customizable. You can move it up and down or forward and backward to suit your instant needs.  

Impeccable Ergonomics  

Classic Aeron features impressive ergonomics that you would desire in any chair. It can adjust to your positions to ensure your comfort and balance while at work. It has a posture fit design that aids upright position by mere adjustment of support for the lower back.  

Another option is lumbar support, you can also adjust height and depth to control the amount of support when reclined with flexible lumbar support.  

Perfect Tilt  

Classic Aeron is flexible enough to provide accurate tilts. These tilts allow you to switch into multiple comfortable positions. The standard tilt of this chair model uses a simple tension knob for manual customization. It has a comfortable tilt range, and you can always choose the best one for you with its inclusion of a tilt limiter option.  Forward tilt is another great option that will allow to tilt 5 degrees towards the front. 

Features of Herman Miller Remastered Aeron 

Herman Miller Remastered Aeron is another impressive chair model. It is a newer version with a lot of improved features and dynamics. Here are some of the key features of this chair model.  

Great Ergonomic Support 

The ergonomics of Remastered Aeron are optimized for great comfort. This design eliminates circulation-restricting pressure points. It includes a pellicle that can push the materials to a new zone. It can spread over eight zones across the seat and back with varying tensions. Every contact of your body with the chair dictates comfort. It comes in posture fit and lumbar support options as well.

              Lumbar support                                      Posture fit SL

Improved Comfort  

The entire design and reform of this chair model aimed at supporting human body posture. It supports multiple body positions while you are at work. The inclusion of 8Z pellicle and Posture Fit SL reflects the deep concern for comfort and advance ergonomic level of this chair. This property offers a great level of spinal support.  

Supports Multiple Positioning  

One of the things that make working enjoyable is relaxing your muscles and varying your positioning. Herman Miller Remastered Aeron is flexible enough to provide active support when moving your body into multiple positions. The chair’s tilt allows the body to move in natural ways such that the body will move forward into reclining positions intuitively. The features allow smoother trajectories and ensure optimal balance points.   

Aeron Classic VsRemastered Aeron: Differences  

There are very slight differences in these two models' features, we will make a comparative evaluation of the two models.  


There is a difference in the size range of the two models. Although both chairs have different size ranges, A, B and C, the remastered Aeron has a wider range.  

Classic Aeron Dimension: 4" 10" –6'6" height, 90-300lbs weight  

Remastered Aeron Dimension: 4'8"- 6'7" height, 90-350lbs weight  

Seat Design  

The major difference in these two models' seat design is that padding under the foot portion of classic Aeron's seat is removed. Secondly, the seat of Aeron Remastered is tilted 1.8degrees forward. And the last difference is the mesh. Although the mesh is the same, it stretches more on the newer version.   

Tilt Lock  

Classic Aeron has an infinite tilt lock, while the newer remastered version has only three tilt locks. This feature means you can lock your chair in the most comfortable position for you. The newer version only restricts you to three lock positions.  


The Classic Aeron will naturally want to recline to an upright position more than the Remastered version. There is a slight difference in the pivot point. Your back does not need to come of the backrest in the newer version.  


The armrests of Classic Aeron offer pivot and arm height adjustments. The newer Remastered chair gives depth, pivot, and arm height adjustment. The depth adjustment allows more versatility, and it is a major difference. 


As much as these two products meet the demand for great ergonomic office chairs, they have slight differences. These differences in features and properties do not mean one is superior to the other. But they influence individual preference and meet custom needs. Herman Miller did an excellent job keeping the aesthetics of the remastered chair almost similar to classic Aeron while making few functional changes to the chair. They improved the comfort for the newer version; however, a classic Aeron chair remains better option considering the price and availability in refurbished industry with seller’s warranty. 

You can still own a Classic Aeron Chair from reputable refurbishers like Chairorama They offer superb chair quality with their renewing experts that understand chair ergonomics and functionality. Herman Miller Classic Aeron and Herman Miller Remastered Aeronare impressive chairs and will add more value to your workspace. Feel free to assess each of these products and make your decision accordingly.