9 Affordable office chairs - Home Office Edition (2021)

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You can create a perfect working space for your home. An office chair is crucial in a workspace. It enhances your comfort, improves your area, and sometimes influences your productivity. But there are different types of chairs, and you can only get maximum benefits from the best chairs.  

Office chairs come in various prices and qualities. Some reputable brands like Human Scale, Herman Miller, Knoll, and Haworth offer some of the best quality chairs. You will find some products of excellent quality at affordable prices. If you cannot afford new chairs, consider getting refurbished or renewed office chairs.  

Besides the fact that renewed office chairs help you spend less on excellent quality, it is also environmentally friendly. Refurbished office chairs use most parts of the original one, and it is technically an upgrade. They are brushed up using certified parts by office experts. These experts have excellent knowledge about office chairs and their functionalities.  

Are you in need of a good office chair for your home office? Do you wish to get a chair of great quality are the best possible price? Below are nine affordable office chairs for your home office.  

1. Haworth Zody Chair 

Zody Chair by Haworth is one of the best choices for office space. Besides the fact that it is coming from a reputable manufacturer, it also has a sleek design. It was Haworth's bestselling Chair for over a decade. Zody's integrated support helps to keep your spine aligned to reduce back pain.  

Haworth Zody Chair

This Chair has an adjustable arm that can move up and down to provide support and comfort for your arm, shoulder, and neck. Overall, the Zody chair gives you a customized feeling with its great ergonomics and adjustable features.  
Renewed Zody chair offers you an affordable option for matching quality. A refurbished Zody chair only costs around $400, while a new one will cost about $650 directly from the manufacturer.  

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2. Knoll Chadwick Chair  

Chadwick is another great choice for your home office. It is one of the most creative and visually appealing products you can get for your home office space and has simple aesthetics with superb ergonomics. The manufacturer of this product Knoll is one of the best manufacturers for office chairs.  

Knoll Chadwick Chair

It has adjustable features that ensure perfect body conformity. Chadwick chair is quite affordable, but a renewed one will give you a better budget. The cost of renewed Chadwick chairs is around $350, while a new product will cost about $900.  

Buy Renewed Knoll Chadwick Chair

3. Herman Miller Celle Chair

Celle chair by Herman Miller is a superb product you should consider for your home office space. Besides that, the Chair is from one of the best office chair manufacturers, and it has adaptable features that help it fit into multiple office spaces. It uses advanced ergonomics that fit into the most demanding environments.  

Herman Miller Celle Chair

Celle chairs are adjustable o provide maximum support for your body. Another impressive thing about this office chair is its cost. A renewed Celle chair costs around $350, while a new product will cost up to $675.  

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4. Human scale Liberty Chair  

Liberty chair from Human Scale is another affordable chair for your home office. Although its design is relatively simple, it features advanced engineering and superb ergonomics. Liberty chair offers a modern design, and it is suitable for minimal space. The adjustable features ensure maximum support and support.  

Human Scale Liberty Chair

Both new and refurbished Human Scale liberty is environmentally friendly. The price of a new liberty chair is around $1069, while a renewed product costs around $400.  

Buy Renewed Human Scale Liberty Chair

5. Herman Miller Setu Chair

Setu Chair is another superb product from one of the most trusted office chair manufacturers, Herman Miller. It has incredible features that make it suitable for multiple purposes. The Chair's size is also compact enough to fit into collaborative workspaces. It has enough aesthetics and ergonomics that make it adapt quickly to various body positions.  
Refurbished or renewed Setu Chairs offers matching quality with the new products at a lower price. A new Setu chair's price costs $695, while a refurbished product from a reputable manufacturer will only cost around $390.  

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6. SitOnIt Seating Focus Chair  

Focus chair is not only impressive for its minimal cost; it also has great ergonomics and aesthetics. It features ergonomic back support that reduces fatigue and enhances comfort. Focus chair will even afford you the luxury of enjoying superb features like adjustable lumber options, standard weight capacity, and a relaxed-fit upholstered pad.  

SitOnIt Seating Focus Chair

Overall, focus chairs offer great flexibility, comfort, and ergonomics for a moderate price. A new Focus chair is usually available for $360, while you will get quality refurbished products only costs around $299.   

Buy Renewed SitOnIt Seating Focus Chair

7.Steel Case Think Chair

Think Chair by Steel Case is a suitable ergonomic chair for home office space. Its design is modern, and it can add a touch of class and elegance to your workspace. The Chair is versatile, comfortable, and flexible. It has some unique features that mitigate pain and fatigue.  

Steel Case Think Chair

It doesn't cost much to buy Think chairs. You can buy a new think chair for a price of around $800. A refurbished Think chair is relatively more affordable. Renewed Think chair costs around $400. 

Buy Renewed Steel Case Think Chair


8. Haworth Very Chair

The very Chair is a product of Haworth. It is one of the most stylish products from this manufacturer with its excellent design. The Chair's entire ergonomics is body-friendly and supports multiple positioning. It is environmentally friendly, adjusts to every move, and forces automatic equal distribution of weight.  

Haworth Very Chair

Very chairs are available for prices around $850 while a refurbished product is around $500.  

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9.Steel Case Amia Chair

Do you need a modern-styled chair for your home office? You have it in Amia chairs. The product offers excellent support, outstanding flexibility, and superb comfort. It has flexible features, including adjustable arms and a Synchro-tilt system.  

Steel Case Amia Chair

You can buy a new Amia chair for $1,175. A refurbished Amia chair from reputable brand s will only cost around $390.  

Buy Renewed Steelcase Amia Chair


You need a superb ergonomic chair to complete your home office. Quality products from reputable brands will give you the best comfort, flexibility, aesthetics, and versatility. But you don't have to break the bank to secure these products.  

You can buy a renewed version of these chairs from reputable refurbishing companies like Chairorama. They offer renewed products of matching qualities with new ones at affordable prices. Besides that, the refurbished chairs are environmentally friendly, use certified parts, and are cheaper.